Hailuoto Sound Choir

initiated by Antye Greie , hosted by Iiris Poukkanen

The Hailuoto Sound Choir recreates the sounds of the island with vocal tools and learns a program of pieces composed or curated by sound artist Antye Greie in partnership with national acclaimed singer Iiris Poukkanen. The pieces are specifically curated and written for this choir. Performances will be video recorded and archived in this blog. The program is open to everybody. No singing skills required.

(next meeting 28th of January 2012, Hailuoto school gym kello 12)

Score: contains collective hum, wind imitation, sonic wave and deep sea exploration, horse rhythm copying, mosquito swarming drones, deconstructed poem citations and more

Choir rehearsal 10th of December, Hailuoto

We first time work with animal sounds, test more sirens, correct our ferry sound piece and try out a rhythmical piece based on TA! Also first time 3 people from Oulu attend!

Piece: TA ta ta ta ta ta ta ta

Piece: Hailuoto animal language (work in progress)

Hailuoto Ferry Sound (work in progress)

Choir rehearsal 3rd of December, Hailuoto

We worked deeper on kaamos interpretations and the waves.

Piece: Wind, Storm, Waves, Ferry, Kaamos, 2 Horses, Mosquito

Piece: Kaamos Without Snow (post production by AGF, not happy yet, due the noise in the room, AC etc)

Choir rehearsal 26th of November, Hailuoto

A very stromy and dark day in Hailuoto, we add Myrsky (storm) and Kaamos (the dark time) to our sound repertoir.

Piece: Wind, Storm, Waves, Ferry, Kaamos, Horses, Mosquito, Kill

Choir rehearsal 19th of November, Hailuoto

Close eyes and ears, breath in, and hum out slow and listen to your own voice and space. This exercise is a very good listening experience and voice warm up as well a method against anxiety, nervousness, loss of self awareness.

Waves: Ocean Fall

the tone aaaaaaaaa

Choir rehearsal 12th of November, Hailuoto

creating mosquito swarm sounds

Sonja Blomster explaining breathing technics

on AAA

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